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Langley’s Pioneers in Heavy Duty Truck’s Steering Gear Porting

Can Craft Steering in Langley can port your heavy duty truck’s steering gear for a hydraulic assist. This is a common request from high performance 4x4 enthusiasts.

Many years back we were approached by a customer from Kamloops to sponsor his truck in the Reno to Vegas off-road race. He was continually having trouble with his steering box blowing seals and very heavy steering. We came up with the idea of porting the gear and using an assist cylinder to ease the steering effort. The addition of the assist cylinder also had the added effect of dampening the shock when the truck went airborne and returned to earth.

Since that time we have noticed other remanufactures have copied our idea!

Brand New Steering Gears

We carry brand new steering gears for 2003-2014 Dodge 2500/3500 trucks. These are manufactured by the OEM factory, so they are of the highest quality. They are commonly known as the Dodge 6 bolt box. We have found these gears to be a massive improvement over the stock steering box. Best of all, while they are much larger and stronger than stock, they bolt in without any modifications required.

We also carry gears from the same manufacturer engineered to fit 2005-2010 Ford F250/350 as well.

Our in house remain 4x4 gears are second to none. We reinforce the sector shafts eliminating lateral play entirely. This movement is the number one cause of road wander in 4x4 pickup trucks. Our tried and true methods have made us the go to supplier for some of B.C’s best 4x4 specialists. We build the toughest gears on the market today.

Trucks Gears and Pumps

Did you know we are one of the most preferred auto shops in Langley for heavy duty truck gears and pumps? If you're in need of services like these, be sure to come and see us today.

Heavy Duty Off Road

We’ll steer you right

Customer Testimonial

More than Friendly to Deal With

““Can't say enough good things about this place. Tried getting ahold of Steering Solutions down the road for the last six months. Unfortunately, he's a busy man. 

Found these guys by accident and they had the steering box I needed in stock and were more than friendly to deal with. Great price too. Beat the prices Lordco/Napa/TnT had for a remanned steering box that really you can't even trust. 

These are local, I know they're remanned with precision and the price beat the parts stores.”

- Grith B.

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