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Dodge Steering Gear Specialists in Langley

An old Dodge with finger-light power steering? We can change it into a firm feel gear. This gives you more road feel. We can also remanufacture your Dodge Van power steering gear and absolutely put an end to sloppy steering caused by a worn steering gear! Call your Dodge steering gear professionals in Langley today.

Dodge trucks seem to have more problems with steering than other types of truck. We have identified several ways to give you a better steering experience with your Dodge truck. We carry Borgeson steering shafts and can remove all side-to-side movement of the pitman shaft in the gear!

The 2003 and up Dodge Ram Truck steering gears wear enough that the lower rack seal fails on a full lock. We have devised a foolproof way to safely fix this problem! With over three decades of experience in the business, we are pretty confident that we can accommodate your Dodge steering needs. Get in touch with Can Craft Steering today.

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Guaranteed better steering experience

Customer Testimonial

Save You Money and Time

“These guys are the best...I won't buy a steering box anywhere else... the experience quality and pride that goes into what they do shows... these guys have helped us do upgrades on hot-rods as well as common box replacements... I love how they upgrade things to make rebuilt products better than factory new... these guys will save you money and time."

- Alex

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